MADERO SET for home use

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BODY TRANSFORMATION SET- maderotherapy for home use



BODY TRANSFORMATION SET- maderotherapy for home use


PAKET ZA PREOBLIKOVANJE TELESA – maderoterapija za domačo uporabo
PAKET ZA PREOBLIKOVANJE TELESA – maderoterapija za domačo uporabo

(set of wooden rollers + video course of maderotherapy + support in a private FB group)

After many years of practice of performing maderotherapy according to the Perfect Body method both in Slovenia and abroad, we have developed a complete package just for you! In this package you will find everything you need to properly perform maderotherapy in the comfort of your own home.

P.S.: these are not just some empty marketing promises! Quite seriously, we are the most experienced aesthetic experts for body transformation with 11 years of experience (Perfect Body Centre). Maderotherapy by the Perfect Body method is an established method. In Slovenia, it is taught at the secondary and higher cosmetic schools, it is performed in the best spas and wellness centres and implemented in more than 343 salons around the world.

Maderotherapy by the Perfect Body method is a completely natural massage technique, where we stimulate lymphatic drainage with the help of wooden devices and subsequently take care of cellulite elimination, break down fat cells and improve blood and lymph flow throughout the whole body.

A reshaped body, removed cellulite and toxins, improved skin tone and more toned and raised buttocks are all results of maderotherapy.

BODY TRANSFORMATION SET – Maderotherapy for home use

1. Set of wooden rollers

2. video course of maderotherapy

3. support in a private FB group 1. Five-part set of FCS certified rollers made of beech wood, handmade in Slovenia with 1-year warranty.

2. Video presentation, course and education about maderotherapy by the Perfect Body method on all parts of the body, frequently asked questions

3. Access to the closed FB group Maderotherapy Perfect Body

This maderotherapy set for a complete body transformation provides you with everything you need for achieving the perfect result in the comfort of your own home.

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The secret of reshaping the body with maderotherapy is that each wooden roller is purposely designed to perform a specific task. Therefore, it is important to get to know all the devices in detail, to understand their purpose and operation. For this purpose, we have prepared an extensive video course that guides you from beginning to end in the implementation of maderotherapy at home. You will come to know all the gadgets and little tricks we have learned in our many years of body reshaping practice

When reshaping the body, support and motivation play the most important role. Therefore, when you buy the kit, you also receive a lifetime access to the closed support group Maderotherapy Perfect Body, where users can motivate each other and share tips.

Wooden maderotherapy tools

The wooden tools used in maderotherapy are specially designed to suit different parts of the body. Each wooden device used in maderotherapy has its own purpose and method of use. Together, they form a whole, which serves as comprehensive and effective massage for body transformation – MADEROTHERAPY.

All Perfect Madero wooden tools are made of natural material – beech wood, are handmade in Slovenia, FSC certified and come with a 1-year warranty.

Set of wooden rollers

The set of rollers for maderotherapy contains:

1. HEATING ROLLER, for accelerating microcirculation

2. HEATING ROLLER – ROLLER WITH A HANDLE, for accelerating microcirculation of smaller areas

3. SPATULA, for removing toxins and waste products from the body

4. WAVY ROLLER, which acts on the elasticity of connective tissue – fascia

5. CUBES for intense massage and “breaking down” fat cells

How maderotherapy and the use of wooden devices affect the body:

With the help of the Body Transformation Set and maderotherapy, we affect the body as a whole, as we use different types of anatomically shaped wooden devices. These help us process all layers of the skin, from the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue to muscle tissue. This way, we are able to achieve perfect results – elimination of cellulite, toxins, smaller circumference and firmer skin tone.

1. How the heating roller affects the blood system: 4. How spatula affects the lymphatic system:

With maderotherapy, we heat the tissue, accelerate blood circulation, reduce the pressure on the microcapillaries in the blood, making them more transient. As a result, the microcirculation increases and enables the blood flow to those areas that were previously poorly perfused or where circulation was interrupted. The result of increased microcirculation is an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients, which in turn is followed by an improved appearance of the skin.

By accelerating the lymphatic system, maderotherapy increases the excretion of all toxins and waste products from the body.

Lymphatic capillaries become more fluid. With the help of a vacuum, the lymphatic capillaries absorb larger amounts of lymph, thus achieving effective detoxification of the body and an immediate result – a significant loss of centimetres.

3. How the cubes affect the fat cells:

In an intensive maderotherapy massage, we use a special wooden device, with which we “break down” fat cells that have intertwined into clusters.

Fat is released from the fat cell and thus enters the intercellular space, then with the help of a special technique it is moved to the lymph nodes, therefore a reduction in volume is achieved.

4. How the wavy roller affects the connective tissue:

The wooden wavy roller acts on the elasticity of the connective tissue, as it softens the fibrous connective tissue (fascia), which tightly surrounds our entire body.

The wooden wavy roller for maderotherapy is of such a shape that it acts with the greatest pressure on the thickest part and the least pressure on the thinnest part of the body.

The results of maderotherapy by the Perfect Body method:

  1. • Cellulite elimination
  2. • Smaller circumference
  3. • Firmer and toned skin
  4. • Shaped and lifted buttocks

Wooden rollers are not coated with a special oil, so they are suitable for home use!

Maderotherapy video course


The world’s first online video course on maderotherapy, which allows you to completely transform your body in the comfort of your own home. With the help of a video guide you will learn how to correctly perform maderotherapy at home.

Content of the video course Maderotherapy by the Perfect Body method:

Module 1: What is maderotherapy by the Perfect Body method, about us.

Module 2: What do you need to know before performing maderotherapy?

Module 3: What is cellulite, a questionnaire before maderotherapy.

Module 4: Video course of maderotherapy with tools for different body parts.

Module 5: How many times a week do we need to perform maderotherapy?

Module 6: How do we recognize progress in maderotherapy?

Module 7: Why are there no results after 8th maderotherapy at home?

Module 8: How to combine maderotherapy with other methods of body reshaping?

FB Group

Because support and motivation are most important when reshaping the body, when you buy the kit, you also win the lifetime access to the closed support group Maderotherapy Perfect Body, where users can motivate each other and share their tips.

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal. We are here to offer you support, guide you, answer all your questions and help you achieve your goal.


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