ONLINE PERFECT MADEROTHERAPY COURSE – LIVE ON MODEL,… On online perfectbody maderotherapy course, you will learn cl…


ONLINE PERFECT MADEROTHERAPY COURSE – LIVE ON MODEL,… On online perfectbody maderotherapy course, you will learn classical and Brazilian maderotherapy and perfectbody method – 3 in 1.

The result of one therapy of the perfect body method.

For perfectbody maderotherapy we use 9 different wooden tools. LIVE ONLINE MADEROTHERAPY course with a model contains the following:

  1. 1-2 hours of LIVE theory with a Madero coach on the day of the course or before the course.
  2. The recording of theory.
  3. The practical part of the Maderotherapy with a Madero coach – LIVE- Presentation on the model, about 3.5 hours.
  4. The recording of the practical part of the perfectbody Maderotherapy method.
  5. Participation in a group course of Maderotherapy in Maribor (within 1 year)
  6. Support also after the Maderotherapy course via e-mail, FB, phone or video call.
  7. – 30 % discount for all wooden toools –


  • Model
  • Massage table
  • Mat, towel
  • Set of rollers
  • Oil
  • Disinfectant
  • Internet
  • Computer, Tablet or Phone – charger, phone stand

Other things we recommend:

  • Drinking Water
  • Disposable thongs
  • Something to write – to take notes

THEORY: The Madero Coach is available to you, either on the day of the course or before the course, to go through the basics of the theory together and will answer all your questions (around 2 hours). However, since questions usually arise when we start putting theory into practice, a Madero coach is always available to you.   LIVE PRACTICE: The online LIVE course of Maderotherapy is done by watching and listening to the Madero coach  on your screen (which is why we recommend to watch it on a computer), where the coach first tells you the basics and then shows you how and where to perform Madero Therapy on a model. If you have your own model, then you repeat everything you hear and see live on your model, and the Madero coach follows your work on the screen. If needed, the coach makes corrections or shows the correct performance of the Maderotherapy on a specific area. Then the learning of Maderotherapy in the second area is continued … until we have conquered the whole body. In between there is a break as needed (toilet, rest, water).   The duration of the practice is approximately 3.5 hours, during which time you go 1 time slowly throughout the body as described above. Then you practice the Maderotherapy on your model, the Madero coach is available to you for any questions via e-mail, FB, phone or video call for an unlimited time. BONUS: visit of a group course of Maderotherapy in Maribor, Slovenia (within 1 year)   The Perfectbody method of Maderotherapy Online Live course on a model is done through the Zoom App, which is very easy to use and available for your phone or computer. Before the course you are given all the instructions and together with a Madero coach you are performing a trial test to see if everything works and is ready for use on the day of the course. Only pay attention to the charger!     FAQ:

  1. Do I need a set of rollers – wooden accessories to take a Maderotherapy course online?

When doing an on-line live course, where the Madero coach demonstrates the correct techniques and you then repeat it, you need rollers to learn how to perform the Maderotherapy on your model. If you don t have model, you don t need rollers.

  1. Do I need your rollers to be able to do Maderotherapy using the Perfectbody method?

If you have other rollers and would like to learn the Perfectbody Maderotherapy method, please send us a picture of your rollers before the beginning of the course, so we can customize the course and explain it to you, show the difference between each roller and how you can make the best difference, and successfully master the Maderotherapy with what you have.

  1. Can I take your online course over the phone?

You can also take a Maderotherapy online course over the phone, but it is advisable to follow the course on your computer to make it easier to see.

  1. What if I do not have the Zoom App or I do not how to use it?

The Zoom App is available to anyone who has an e-mail account and it can be quickly installed on your computer or your phone. Before the beginning of the course, we will send you instructions on how to install the app and we will also do a test run.   More info: + 386 31 445 802   Matej Zmazek (Viber…)