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Handmade wooden roller for body massage (madero therapy), m…

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Handmade wooden roller for body massage (madero therapy), made for the purpose of body reshaping and cellulite elimination.

Turning part – while rolling, the cubes target specific points of the body and break down fat deposits.

The cube roller is ideal for removing localized fat cells. The wooden roller with cubes acts on the fat cells in the deeper layers of the skin and helps to break them down. The goal is to reach all the way to the hypodermis. The cube roller is suitable for areas of the body where larger amounts of fat tissue is stored – around the waist, legs and abdomen. It targets the removal of fat in the hypodermis. By breaking down fat accumulations, it increases blood flow, improves the condition of the skin and disperses the accumulated fat.

Wooden cube roller:

  • • handmade
  • • of Slovenian origin
  • natural material – beech wood
  • • FSC certified
  • • reshaping the body
  • • eliminates cellulite

The wooden cube roller is FSC – Forest Stewardship Council certified, which guarantees that the wood comes from forests where the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations are met.

A massage with the wooden roller is a natural therapy for well-being. Exceptional quality and strength of wood allow long-term use. With a wooden accessory, all areas of the body can be nicely treated.

How to use the wooden roller on the body:

On the area to be massaged with a wooden roller, first apply the oil, as rolling creates friction. Be careful when using the oil due to possible allergic reactions.

We recommend the use of anti-cellulite oil, which helps to achieve a nicer skin tonus and accelerates the elimination of cellulite.

More information:

Length: approx. 40 cm

Material: Beech