The set contains 5 specially designed wooden cups in different sizes that create a vacuum on the skin. In Brazilian maderotherapy, the set of specially designed wooden cups take advantage of the action of high and low underpressure. This allows us to act on levels that are otherwise difficult to reach with fingers or rollers.

Why are specially designed wooden cups so effective in maderotherapy?

1. Deep action on connective tissue – fascia

By creating the vacuum, we stretch the connective tissue – fascia, making it more flexible, elastic. This enables the release of trapped toxins, helps to achieve a greater hydration and skin elasticity. The result is the elimination of cellulite and toxins, reduced circumference and more toned skin.

2. A release of lymphatic and blood capillaries

The special shape allows the vacuum in the cup to create a low pressure, which sucks in and so lifts the skin. This stretches the tissue and at the same time enables the release of the lymphatic and blood capillaries. As a result, the amount of blood in the deeper, larger blood vessels increases, allowing blood to flow to the areas that were previously poorly perfused or where circulation has been interrupted.

3. Immediate result

With the help of wooden cups for Brazilian maderotherapy, we improve microcirculation and increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the body. The flow capability of the lymphatic capillaries increases, as with the help of a vacuum the lymphatic capillaries absorb larger amounts of lymph, thus achieving effective detoxification of the body and an immediate result – a significant loss of centimetres.

4. Smaller circumference

With the help of wooden cups for Brazilian maderotherapy and vacuum, we remove the fat from the cell. The fat cells enter the intercellular space, and are then, with the help of a special technique, moved to the lymphatic nodes. The primary function of lymph nodes is to filter the lymph fluid, which now also contains fat. As detoxification is accelerated, the body excretes all fat, excess water and toxins through urine or by sweating. The result is evident in a few inches smaller circumference.

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