Set of wooden rollers for maderotherapy


Set of wooden rollers for maderotherapy



Set of wooden rollers for maderotherapy

Handmade set of wooden rollers for FACIAL massage (madero therapy), designed for facial rejuvenation.

The wooden accessories used in maderotherapy are specially designed to suit different parts of the face. The wood from which they are made has been used by Eastern cultures for therapeutic purposes for centuries. Each wooden accessory used in massage has its own purpose and method of use. Together, they form a whole, which forms a comprehensive and effective massage for facial rejuvenation – MADEROTHERAPY.

Maderotherapy benefits:

  • SKIN – improves the production of collagen, elastin, vitamin E.
  • BLOOD SYSTEM – accelerates microcirculation
  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEM – lymph flow and lymphatic drainage
  • RESPIRATORY SYSTEM – relaxation, breathing
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM – inflow of nutrients, oxygen to cells, lymph
  • NERVOUS SYSTEM – touch, calming, parasympathetic part
  • MUSCLE SYSTEM – muscle relaxation, massage
  • HORMONAL SYSTEM – through well-being, release of happiness hormones, reduction of adrenaline, cortisol


Wooden rollers for madero therapy:

1. Large carved massage roller

2. Large serrated massage roller

3. Spatula

4. Small carved massage roller

5. Small serrated massage roller

6. Mushroom

7. Swedish cup

More information:

Length: different lengths

Material: Beech


The wooden rollers have a 1-year warranty

How do we clean wooden rollers for madero therapy?

Madero therapy rollers are cleaned with a special cleaning agent before and after each client.