Professional set of wooden rollers for maderotherapy


Set of professional wooden rollers for classical…



Set of professional wooden rollers for classical maderotherapy

Handmade set for professional classical maderotherapy, consisting of 6. wooden rollers for the purpose of body transformation and cellulite elimination.The professional maderotherapy kit is thoughtfully composed in such a way, as to help you achieve the fastest and best results in body transformation and cellulite elimination.

The wooden utensils used in maderotherapy are specially designed to suit different parts of the body. They are made of beech wood, which Eastern cultures have already for centuries been using for therapeutic purposes. Each wooden device used in massage has its own purpose and method of use, and together they form a whole that serves a comprehensive and effective massage for body transformation – MADEROTHERAPY.

Classic maderotherapy is a completely natural massage technique in which we stimulate lymphatic drainage with the help of wooden aids. Consequently, we eliminate cellulite, break fat cells and improve blood and lymph flow throughout the body. The result of maderotherapy is a transformed body, elimination of cellulite and toxins, improved skin tone, more toned and raised buttocks.

The professional classical maderotherapy kit contains:

1. A serrated roller for accelerating microcirculation.

2. A concave roller for accelerating lymphatic drainage.

3. A cubed roller for intense massage for breaking down fat cells.

4. A spatula for removal of toxins and fallen substances from the body.

5. A small roller for smaller areas, to stimulates the lymphatic system, the secretion of fat and promotes the elasticity of the fascia – connective tissue.

6. The corrugated roller acts on the elasticity of connective tissue – fascia.

All wooden accessories for classical maderotherapy are made of 100% natural material – beech wood, handmade in Slovenia, FSC certified and have a 1-year warranty.

Wooden rollers have an ergonomic shape which allows for easier handling and unproblematic implementation of maderotherapy.

The set of wooden professional rollers for maderotherapy is:

  • designed for the purpose of using classical maderotherapy for professional use,
  • made of 100 % natural wood,
  • handmade in Slovenia,
  • made of natural material – beech wood,
  • coated with special certified oil, which protects the wooden surfaces,
  • enables disinfection due to the special coating
  • a safe product for touch and skin contact, since its special coating enables disinfection
  • FSC certified,
  • is one 1-year under warranty.

How maderotherapy and the use of wooden tools affect the body:

With this body reshaping package and maderotherapy, we work on the body as a whole. We use various types of anatomically shaped wooden devices, with which we are able to treat all layers of the skin, from the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue to muscle tissue. This is how we achieve the perfect results: elimination of cellulite, toxins, smaller volume and firmer skin tone.

1. Operation on the blood system with a heating – serrated roller:

In the process of maderotherapy, we heat the tissue, speed up the blood flow, reduce the pressure on blood microcalypards, which become more transient. This results in increased microcirculation, allowing the blood to flow to the areas that were previously poorly treated or where the blood circulation was interrupted. The result of increased microcirculation is an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients, which improves the general appearance of the skin.

2. Operation on the lymphatic system with a spatula:

By speeding up the lymphatic system, maderotherapy increases the secretion of all toxins and waste materials from the body. Lymph capillary flow increases. Using the vacuum of lymph capillaries to suck up large amounts of lymph, lymphatic capillaries absorb larger amounts of lymph, thus achieving effective detoxification of the body and an immediate result – a significant loss of centimeters.

3. Operation on cube fat cells:

In an intensive massage with maderotherapy, with the help of a special wooden device, we “break” fat cells that have intertwined into clusters. Fat is released from the fat cell and thus moves into the intercellular space. Using a special technique of maderotherapy, it is then moved into the lymph nodes. This is how we achieve a reduction in volume.

4. Action on connective tissue with corrugated roller:

The wooden wavy roller acts on the elasticity of connective tissue by softening the fibrous connective tissue (fascia) that closely connects the whole body.

The specific shape of the corrugated wooden roller allows it to transfer the maximum pressure on the thickest part of the body and the minimal on the thinnest body part.

The result of maderotherapy using the perfectbody method is:

  • elimination of cellulite
  • reduction in volume
  • firmer and more toned skin
  • shaped, raised buttocks

A massage with a wooden roller is a natural therapy for well-being. Exceptional quality and firmness of wood allows for long-term use. With a wooden roller, all areas of the body can be treated.

Use of a wooden roller on the body:

First apply the oil to the area you want to massage. Then, with the help of a wooden tool, start performing a special massage – maderotherapy. To reduce friction, any kind of oil can be used, however, it has to be of sufficient quality to avoid allergic reactions.

Additional information:

Length: different lengths

Material: Beech


On wooden rollers there is a 1-year warranty

How do we clean wooden rollers for maderotherapy?

Madero therapy wooden rollers are made of beech wood and coated with a special bio oil that helps the skin feel natural to the touch.