Concave massage roller for maderotherapy


Concave massage roller for maderotherapy


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Concave massage roller for maderotherapy

Handmade wooden roller for body massage (madero therapy), made for the purpose of body reshaping and cellulite elimination.

The concave shape of the roller simulates a finger massage. It helps to drain waste products from the lymph and supply nutrients that help in fat metabolism.

Concave massage roller for maderotherapy:

  • • handmade
  • • of Slovenian origin
  • natural material – beech wood
  • • FSC certified
  • • reshapes the body
  • • eliminates cellulite

The wooden roller is FSC – Forest Stewardship Council certified, which guarantees that the wood comes from forests where the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations are met.

A massage with the wooden roller is a natural therapy for well-being. Exceptional quality and strength of wood allow long-term use. With a wooden accessory, all areas of the body can be nicely treated.

How to use the wooden roller on the body:

On the area to be massaged with a wooden roller, first apply the oil, as rolling creates friction. Be careful when using the oil due to possible allergic reactions.

We recommend the use of anti-cellulite oil, which helps to achieve a nicer skin tonus and accelerates the elimination of cellulite.

More information:

Length: approx. 40 cm

Material: Beech